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April 1, 2016

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Are you using the words “brand” and “strategy” properly? | Part One

There remains a lot of debate out there in the marketing world on every potential term. Sometimes when I introduce myself, I’ll say: “Hi, I’m Brooke, I’m a Brand Strategy Consultant, the three most mis-understood words in business”. I think I need a new introduction, but save that for another story. The problem about the word “BRAND” is that a lot of really smart people still see brand as a name, a logo, an identity and possibly a slogan. The problem with the word “STRATEGY” is people throw that word around for anything and everything they do as a way to justify they are smart. Agencies abuse the word strategy, building it right into their title, yet advertising by itself is a tactic. In fact, a brand strategist at an agency is figuring out how to convert strategy to tactics. And of course, the problem with “CONSULTANT” is that anyone can be a consultant. My friend says “young consultants don’t really know yet what they want to do in life and old consultants wish they still did what they used to do in life”. That’s very true!