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April 19, 2016

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Are you using the words “brand” and “strategy” properly? | Part Four

The big idea for the Apple brand is that it takes out the complexity and makes it so simple that everyone can be part of the future. Everything from there falls under that big idea: the promise, purchase moment, brand story, freshness and the experience.
Build your brand around a big idea that’s simple to understand and big enough to create a lasting impression with consumers

To Ensure delivery of the brand’s Big Idea, you need to lone up all 5 brand connectors underneath the Big Idea.
• Create a simple brand promise (brand positioning) that separates your brand from competitors, based on being better, different or cheaper.
> How well does your brand concept connect and create a bond with consumers?
• Use your brand story (communication) to motivate consumers to think, feel or act, while beginning to own a reputation in the mind and hearts of consumers.
• > How do you tell your brand story to show your brand’s differences to move consumers?
• Fundamentally sound product (innovation/product development), staying at the forefront of trends and using technology to deliver on your brand promise.
> How do your keep your brand fresh and on top of trends with consumers?
• The moment of truth as consumers move through the purchase (selling) cycle and use channels, messaging, processes to make the final decision.
> How do you align channels, messages, mediums, processes, to move consumers through the purchase cycle?
• Turn the usage of your product into an experience (operations & culture) that becomes a ritual and favorite part of their day.
> How does your brand experience live up to an consistently deliver the promise?