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July 2, 2018

9 Reasons To ReBrand | It’s Never To Late To Be “Brand New” | Part One

As your business evolves and grows, situations will inevitably arise that will necessitate a rebrand. Branding is a journey of self-discovery – to define who you are, what you stand for, and why you matter. It’s a process that provides clarity about your brand’s future and a chance at a new, more rewarding life for your company.

Here are some of the top reasons companies rebrand:

01/ Update the Look
The need for a more modern image is often one of the most common motivations behind a rebranding project. If your brand looks behind the times or has a poorly-design identity, it’s time to rebrand. A good rebrand can help you retain old customers who are enticed by newer, more innovative brands, while successfully attracting new ones. It shows you are thinking, moving, learning, growing and innovating. It’s important to preserve and celebrate the history and heritage of your brand, while still showing your audience that you’re not antiquated. Let’s not confuse the effectiveness of proper nostalgia in branding (which we love) with a plain, old, ugly, drop shadowy, designed-in-1992 look & feel. The powerful impression made possible by professional design can have a tremendous affect on how people view the brand.

02/ Gain Competitive Advantage
Is your competition growing but you’re not? Companies often react to losing market share or decreasing sales by rebranding. A well planned and executed rebrand can enable your company to out-brand your competition and excite customers. Identify what gives your company its unique edge and point of view and build your brand around it.

03/ Hodgepodge
Your brand can become a mishmash of assets if you’re not careful. If you lack visual and verbal consistency from using incongruent logos, typography, color palettes, imagery, messages, and tone of voice, your brand is suffering from Schizophrenia. Good things there’s meds for that. This type of rebranding is done when a company needs to create a greater sense of continuity across the brand, and to overcome the inefficiencies, frustration and confusion that result in not presenting a consistent face to customers.

04/ Business Has Changed
Many businesses tweak their business models, change or add new services and products to stay competitive and profitable. If you used to do X but now you do X and Y, it might be time to rebrand. Your customers will only know that you do X unless you find a way of making them see that you also do Y. The diversification or division of a business warrants a rebrand for clarification.