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March 2, 2016

9 ATTRIBUTES | For Highly Successful Alcohol Beverage Brands

1. Consumer Knowledge
The most successful alcohol brands have a through knowledge of their target consumer demographics, interests, likes and dislikes, the best mediums to reach them with and what style of communication they best respond to.

2. Differentiated & Unique
Developing a unique brand is the key to successfully breaking through the competitive clutter. Differentiating your alcohol brand doesn’t require that it be a completely new alcohol beverage, but it does require that something is special about the product. This could be the packaging itself, such as a unique container, a unique flavor, production method, brand promise, or some other niche selling point.

3. Goal Oriented
Successful alcohol brands don’t hope for success. Instead they begin with the end goal in mind and tailor their day-to-day efforts in a direct path to achieve them.

4. Passionate

Passion is a crucial component to building a brand for success for the long term. Passion is contagious. If leadership and brand leaders exude passion for their brands, everyone who interacts with them will be affected including the sales team and in turn retailers and customers.

5. Consistent
Great brands maintain both consistent messaging and consistent experiences for their customers. No consumer wants to repurchase an alcohol beverage they enjoyed previously only to find the quality has waned.

6. Extroverted
You can have to most distinctive brand in the world, but if nobody has heard of your brand of knows where to purchase it, your uniqueness won’t matter. The most successful brand are extreme extroverts and leverage a wide range of channels to engage would-be consumers.

7. Customer Focused
Brands are only as good as the people behind them. Successful brands know their brand inside out. They know how their consumers view their brand: their brand’s image, values, attitudes, and personality and how it resonates. They do whatever it takes to win the hearts and minds of their customers.

8. Organized
Successful brands employ a clear brand hierarchy throughout their SKU offerings and tiers that are distinctive and provide halo opportunities to the overall brand equity.

9. Relentlessly Committed to Improvement
Constant improvement is a necessity. Successful brands avoid complacency and embrace competition. Successful brands never rest on their laurels.