5 TIPS of Successful Brand Taglines | Part Four

5 TIPS of Successful Brand Taglines | Part Four

TIP No# 4. The Right Tagline is Worth Paying For.

Successful copywriting is a skill and an art.  Great copywriters traffic in clarity, economy, rhythm, metaphor, and a host of other tools at which they are adept.  Most of us mere mortals are not so adept.  I write all my own blog posts, and I feel comfortable with my skills in this environment.  But I’m a brand and creative director and strategist, not a traditional copywriter.  If I decided that my company, Austin West: Branding, Creative and Marketing, needed an award winning tagline, I would immediately turn to a copywriter I trust, and would compensate him or her fairly to get to the right result.

I’ve had the most success asking a copywriter to brainstorm a list of tagline ideas within a few specific areas of exploration: “Here are three ideas we’d like to explore.  Drill deep on these.”

Once you get the results back, you have tangible ideas that can be compared and played off each other.  Don’t go for the catchiest – go for the most effective. Get the idea right, then worry about the wordsmithing. And expect a few rounds of revisions – even a strong copywriter is unlikely to nail it in the first round, and will benefit from fair and thoughtful feedback.

One of my clients recently adopted a new tagline.  To get there, we looked first at the overall marketing system.  Their tools tilted toward web and sales collateral, which were heavily focused on credibility and proof points, so we saw an opportunity for the tagline to convey our higher-order brand aspirations.  We were able to direct a professional copywriter to go deep in that area alone, which streamlined the process and got to the right answer, while saving time and money.

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