5 TIPS for Successful Brand Taglines | Part Two

5 TIPS for Successful Brand Taglines | Part Two

TIP No# 2.  A Tagline is Part of a System.

More specifically, a tagline is part of two systems:

Your verbal identity system.  These are all the words your brand uses to present itself to the market.  These can include, but are not limited to, campaign themes, key messaging, web copy, sales collateral copy and packaging copy.

Brand Positioning > Key Messages > Verbal Identity System: > Tagline, > Campaign Themes & Messages, > Sell Copy (Web, packaging, collateral, > Etc.

Your overall marketing system. These are all the tools and tactics that form your go-to-market strategy.

Ask: In what environments will the tagline reside, and how will it be deployed?  For instance, if you’re a local retailer or services firm that primarily invests in billboard advertising – where the use of words should be economic – your campaign messages are probably more important than a new tagline.

Most of us know Geico’s tagline: “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.”  It’s not particularly catchy – and we’ll talk about that too – but it registers because it’s been deployed effectively.  I don’t like everything about Geico’s ads, but they’ve been consistent and focused in this regard.  They’re also spending nearly a billion dollars a year, which helps.

You don’t have a billion-dollar ad budget.  So consider how your tagline will actually see the light of day.  Taglines live or die on consistency and repetition. If your marketing plan is unlikely to generate numerous near-term impressions of the tagline with your target audience, you can probably do without.

In Part One of this post, I addressed two things to consider before you decide to move ahead with a tagline.  Here, we’ll discuss three additional considerations for the tagline development process.

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