5 TIPS for Successful Brand Taglines | Part Three

5 TIPS for Successful Brand Taglines | Part Three

TIP No# 3.  A Tagline Conveys One Idea Well.

Consider a few of my all-time favorite (and very successful) taglines:

“We try harder.” – Avis

“You are now free to move about the country.” – Southwest Airlines

“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” – FedEx

Each is very different in tone and message.  But they each work because they convey a key aspect of the core brand idea – which is to say they work in concert with everything else the brand is about. And they met strategic objectives for each brand at the time of their use.

Your tagline should effectively convey a single important idea.  What are some rich veins of exploration for these ideas?  I submit the following five:

Target – Who you serve

Benefit(s) – What they get

Point(s) of Difference – Why you’re different

Character – Your brand personality

The Brand Experience – How your brand is lived

On this note, I can’t stress strongly enough: Fear the committee.  When taglines are on the table, everyone from the mail room to the boardroom has an opinion to share.  And the boardroom in particular has a tendency to shoehorn nine ideas into a single tagline.  So make it clear at the outset of the project that, as the brand leader, you’ll welcome opinions, but the final call is yours.

You must be choiceful. A tagline can’t do everything. At best, it can convey a single idea well.

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