5 TIPS for Successful Brand Taglines | Part Five

5 TIPS for Successful Brand Taglines | Part Five

TIP No# 5.  A Good Tagline Meets Certain Criteria.

Only now do we come to evaluation and selection.  Let’s say you’ve followed all the steps: You’ve determined that a tagline will improve your verbal identity system, AND that you can successfully deploy it; you’ve identified areas of opportunity and have engaged a copywriter to explore those; and she has returned with a solid list of candidates, with 3 taglines in particular feeling most viable.  How do you choose?

Use the Following Three Criteria:

Ours Alone Within your competitive set, a successful tagline only applies to you, and truthfully reflects a core aspect of your brand.

One Thing You have one last chance to check for committee-creep, and this is it.  Given an extremely limited number of words, it’s crucial to do one thing well, not two things half-assed.

Operates Effectively A successful tagline will fit with and elevate your verbal identity system.  Be clear, not clever.  Say something meaningful and important, and say it well.

A Few Additional Reminders:

Simplicity is table-stakes. I’m assuming here that any tagline under consideration is crisp, simple and short. Nine words is your maximum. If your copywriter isn’t delivering this as a baseline, fire him.

But, Brooke, what about being memorable?  Would I rather have a lively expression of an idea vs. a dull one?  Sure.  But that alone won’t make your tagline instantly memorable.  The tagline’s consistent use in your overall branding system is what will make it memorable.  Truth is memorable; B.S. is not. Focus is memorable; “cleverness for the sake of cleverness” is not.  Consistency is memorable; erraticism is not.

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